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About Us

Once upon a time there was a little girl who was moved from her home country quarter way around the world. She would often day dream about being back home; eating, laughing and playing in her town.

This little girl grew up and had a child of her own and wanted to teach her daughter everything about being back home.

She taught her in the form of a card game. After every Sunday dinner they could barely stay, they would rush to go sit, laugh, learn and play. At times she would invite friends and family to come over and they would all relish in the joy of her home culture.

On any given day when she might of felt homesick, she would pull out a card from her game with a smile and reminisce.

Kultural Kard game, a memory of home while away from home where you can LAUGH, LEARN and PLAY!

Woy! Haitian Kreole Card Game